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Product: #1 Tower of Change

By Tina M Randolph

Secrets and mysteries are locked within an ancient tower that the wizard's apprentice must guard with his life. One simple slip-up puts the fate of the world in the power of a desperate King's Mage, threatening to destroy peace and harmony throughout the world.

Time is running out, and Galax Hanz is the only one with the magical arts to lead a collection of unlikely allies to retrieve the precious Keys of Fate. But when Galax is pursued by the evil Mage's Bloodwyns--the half man, half bird shadowy creatures of darkness--he soon realizes he has been drawn into a monumental struggle that challenges the foundations of his tradition. Galax will be forced to test his faith and training, which will guide him into the unknown regions on the road to the discovery of the alchemistic formula of life, death, and destiny.


Imprint / Series: THE KEYS OF FATE
Publication Date: July 2009
Paperback: 240
Category: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure
ISBN: 978-0984102402
Price: $ 14.99