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Product: #1 Maze of Existence

By Tina M Randolph

A series of mystical events begin to unfold as Deja Chanel journeys inside the maze of her imagination, where anything is bound to happen.

Her mission is to find her father, Octavius, inventor of the Sole Receptacle (gateway to the mindís eye) and bring him back to consciousness. With his journal in hand, and a thousand-year-old Emergist as her guide, Deja charges onward, taking on physical and mental challenges as she weathers the most whimsical of elements, and the attack of bizarre alien beasts.

But passing through the doorway is only half the battle. Once inside, she discovers there are infinite levels of the human psyche, where one wrong turn could lead to an even more dangerous and fascinating realm of existence.

Imprint / Series: MYSTIC DEJA
Publication Date: Oct 2002
Paperback: 176
Category: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
ISBN: 978-1591094166
Price: $ 12.99